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           Bo Qigong

Taking Qigong Further  Amazing Tool that Opens Your Body to Greater Energy,         Flexibility, and Balance 


We use a  new prop called the Balance Bar to help you feel safe and supported in any Qigong class.

The Balance Bar blends the best of  Qi Gong,Yoga and mindful movement using a Balance Bar as a unique prop. The Balance Bar is a stable and flexible prop that assists with balance, alignment, stability and mobility making the Balance Bar safe and accessible to people with diverse body types, abilities, and needs. The Balance Bar can be applied to any Qigong,yoga or mindful movement system as a supportive prop.

I have had great success, teaching my clents to balance within a short space of time, giving them more confidence in themselves,  

Especially with Older people in their everyday lives. Helps to prevent Falls

Doesn't matter what  age or 

Disability These exercises are

for all levels .




Especially with Neck, back and shoulder problems



Our Spinal Stretch is second to none and releases o

lot of tension and gives a feel-good factor

 Our side stretches for perfect spine alignment and stretch. 

Assists with balance in any standing position. •


Supports alignment and body symmetry.


• Allows fine-tuning of movements and self-control.


• Gives leverage to support the body in wider ranges of motion.


• Guides your body to easier and more efficient movements.


• It offers muscle and myofascial release through foam rolling and self-massage.


Strengthens  All Tendons and Fascia

Aids Better Breathing  And Lung Capacity 


• Lubricates and builds resilience in the joints through rotational movements.


• It is versatile, durable, lightweight and portable



Don't have a Balance Bar don't worry we supply them

and at home or some of my class prefer to use A Rattan Stick, Broom Stick  or even better a natural Stick from the Hedgerow, like Hazel and Blackthorn which is my Favorite 

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