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       Bo Balance Bar
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Bo Balance Bar 

What are they used  for:

Primary to Improve Balance

For all ages levels and Disabilities

Classes are a style of their own, mixing the movements of yoga with the fluidity of tai chi and the self-reflection practices of mindfulness.  You can expect to feel safe, supported, invigorated and relaxed.

is ideal for those who want the energy, balance, flexibility and stress relief of yoga and Qigong without standing on their head, or putting their foot behind it either.  Bo classes are safe, gentle and fun, perfect for those looking for the therapeutic benefits of yoga without the acrobatics.

The Bo  Basics class is suitable for beginner to intermediate practitioners.


☑ Flexibility

☑ Balance

☑ Injury Prevention

☑ Strength

☑ Joint Health

☑ Focus and Concentration

☑ Stress Relief

☑ Creativity

☑ Improved Posture



What is a Bo Balance Bar 

I use a Rubber flexi Bar or Rattan Bo in my class, But to be honest you can use a Broom stick Or Hazel ,Blackthorn sticks as long as it is strong enough to use Lengths vary from 4 - 6ft , I tend to use 5ft poles.

I supply all Balance bars in Class although some like to bring there own ,

Chat with me before splashing out on a Balance Bar.


  All my classes use the Balance bar  

There are some very good Downloads from Nate of Bo Yoga worth having a look

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