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I have been Searching for free Videos and information in these Troubled times, especaily 

with the current Coronavirus and the worry and Anxiety it is causing . I hope these  videos help .

We've been entering a very tense and anxious time with the spread of Covid-19 worldwide. Emotions are running high, and many people are wondering about what steps they can take to avoid the virus or mitigate its effects.

Qigong and tai chi are well known for improving immunity and strengthening a person's overall constitution, so it's a good idea to continue your practice . There are also several specific things within tai chi and qigong that can be a great help. However, it takes a while to develop the skill necessary to use them effectively.


Bruce Frantzis

 Bruce wanted to give you, your friends, and loved ones a few super easy exercises that you can use immediately. These exercises are simple and effective even if someone has never heard of tai chi or qigong before, 



     Bruce is making a series

     of  Meditation videos 

The movements of Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong utilize the acupuncture meridian system to help balance as well as coordinate between the left and right sides of the body and brain.


Regular practice of this set will benefit your blood flow, nervous system connections, and generate significant amounts of qi (health). It also gently stretches the soft tissues of the body which allows for flexibility and comfort throughout your daily activities.



I wish you good health and relaxation!

Taoist meditation series Coping with COVID-19. This lesson is a two-parter that will help you take your mind’s awareness even deeper inside of you.

This two-part lesson expands on how to practice using your mind to penetrate more deeply through the layers of your body. Improving this sensitivity and awareness can cause dramatic improvements to the stability and clarity of your meditation, qualities sorely needed as we continue to move through our tumultuous current events..

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