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2020 What a year !!!

I think the less said the better and too look forward to Better Times,

I am looking forward to starting Classes again and with some workshops as well,

Unfortunately we must be aware of Social Distancing in the class for the time being,so i have created a booking page on my website Book Online where you can book in for a specific class and with the added option to pay online or at the class , i have made all money that is paid refundable in case of any unforeseeable circumstances ,please have a look and give me any comments , This will mainly give me an idea of numbers to make it safe for all.

I have stated to do an instructors course with Bo Yoga online as it is in America With Nate a very talented instructor , so hoping to bring some New elements to the class , i know a lot of you enjoyed the Bo Staff in conjunction with The Tai Chi and Qigong, Using the Bo Balance bar is great for improving Balance and stretching and strenghening the joints and a lot more ,

I intend to do some workshops on Bo Balance Bar again let me know of any interest, also Nate has some downloadable courses that might be of interest to you,

Bo Yoga courses

Balance for Life

I hope you are all keeping Safe keep the Chi flowing and develope stronger lungs with Deep Belly breathing,

Geoff Bellinger


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I am sorry to announce that Geoff Bellinger sadly passed away on Thursday 11th May. Due to this, there will be no further Tai Chi classes.

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