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If i asked what Exercise you could do Standing ,Sitting Or lying Down on your Back,That will increase your heart rate, enrich blood supply re energise all organs,Strengthen and increase lung Capacity, Promote mental clarity and deep sleep .

Ok keep the answer Clean

Learning to Breath This exercise is so important ,yes will seem a little unnatural at first,

but after a few attempts you will be breathing into the belly , as nature intended . i will be including more audio in my shop as time goes on .

Most people are not very conscious of how they breathe. In particular, poor breathing habits are common in modern times. When was the last time you took a deep and slow breath and thought closely about the intimate relationship between your breath, your body and your mind? By consciously taking hold of your breathing, you have a unique opportunity to change and strengthen both your body and mind. Our incredible organism is capable of transforming itself to a degree that science has not believed possible. Thus, recent research shows us that the human lung is capable of increasing its size through training, and that positive thoughts can, in fact, affect and rejuvenate your brain. If you learn how to improve your physical and mental capacity, your general health .

Your chances of living a long life will improve.

Bo Balance Bars

Most people in my class have used the Bo Balance bar its a system using Tai Chi ,Qigong Breathing Techniques with infusion of Meditation and Yoga , and has deemed to be very popular with my classes, and its a real Joy to see people discovering how to Balance ,when at first i hear '' i can't Balance'' , with these Bo Bars it regains your confidence and self esteem no matter what age or Disability, Its true as we approach Seniors years our Balance seems to get worse, and trips and falls become a very popular past time in our later years, you can stop this now If you Don't use it or lose it .

The Bo  Basics class is suitable for beginner to intermediate practitioners.


☑ Flexibility

☑ Balance

☑ Injury Prevention

☑ Strength

☑ Joint Health

☑ Focus and Concentration

☑ Stress Relief

☑ Creativity

☑ Improved Posture

What is a Bo Balance Bar 

I use a Rubber flexi Bar or Rattan Bo in my class, But to be honest you can use a Broom stick Or Hazel ,Blackthorn sticks as long as it is strong enough to use Lengths vary from 4 - 6ft , I tend to use 5ft poles.

I supply all Balance bars in Class although some like to bring there own ,

Chat with me before splashing out on a Balance Bar.

I am Seriously thinking about having a couple of Classes just using this System

Let me know of your thoughts on this .

I hope we are all keeping safe and keep the Chi flowing increase your Lung capacity,

Please Contact me if yo have any questions or Help with anything

{apart from washing up lol }

Hope this was helpful ,i am posting on web site

Looking Forward to seeing you all Soon

Geoff Bellinger


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