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Starting on May 17th 2021

Hi Everyone, I was hoping that Boris had a change of heart and let us start classes on 12th April , Its Now 17th May 2021,its been a long time in coming,but I'm really looking forward to seeing you all then

Booking will be the same online if you can, let's hope this is the end to lockdowns.

Maybe starting some New Classes, but can't do this till nearer the time we can Start.

In the meantime, I am having an

Outdoor Class

Marnhull Recreation near the village hall, on

Monday 12th at 12.30 for an hour or so, just a gentle start to get us back into Qigong again .

Please let me know if any other classes want to do the same.

Let me know and a convenient place we can use would be good,

I will send out Newsletter later.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Take care


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I am sorry to announce that Geoff Bellinger sadly passed away on Thursday 11th May. Due to this, there will be no further Tai Chi classes.

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