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Welcome Back after Lock Down

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Its been a testing few months for everyone, but its nice to see so many come back to Tai Chi and Qigong , all classes are made as safe as possible with distancing, plenty of hand sanitizers , and risk assessments made of each venue, I am hoping as time goes on more of my regulars will return when they feel safe to do so.

We have some New venues

As I was not happy with the risk assessments carried out or the social distancing

New Venues

Stalbridge Congregational Church

Replacing Marnhull methodist all, till things change and

Winterbourne Whitechurch Village hall

Replacing Milborne st Andrew Football pavilion as Social distancing was not ideal.

Don't Forget to Book online

This is helping with the size of classes. If you can't book online let me know and I will do this for you.

The booking link

What's New

More amazing Qigong moves and forms.

Bo Qigong

To improve body alignment, joint mobility, and Balance,


To be announced later

I am often asked what is Qigong and the difference between Tai Chi

I will make a pdf of the benefits and difference of both in the meantime here is a brief summary,

How do you do Qi Gong exercises?

There is a wide variety of different ways to do

Qi Gong. 

There are stretches (similar to yoga), these are energy-activating exercises,

and there are meditations. 

Breathing techniques

I like to warm up the body with exercises that loosen the spine and warm up the muscles. Then open up the energy... and then gentle stretches before doing slow, gentle movements.

These slow movements are what really set Qi Gong apart from other forms of exercise. One of the aims of Qi Gong is to get into a relaxed, state of flow where the mind is clear, the body is relaxed, and you feel connected to the present moment. 

If you only do Qi Gong even 20 minutes a day, you can experience this state of "flow" for yourself! 

What are the benefits of Qi Gong?

They are many!

We often say the benefits are actually side-effects of practicing consistently because Qi Gong addresses root problems rather than symptoms (like we do in the West).

When you pull out the root, the effects it causes naturally dissipate. 

So, what are the side-effects of Qi Gong? 

Feeling better emotionally

Better sleep

Less stress

More energy

in Qi Gong, we see ourselves as an integrated person and when you address a problem from a root, the problems begin to unwind naturally. 

More to come later.

Look after yourself

And have fun

Geoff Bellinger

Tai Chi Union of Great Britain Instructor 🇬🇧 👍

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I am sorry to announce that Geoff Bellinger sadly passed away on Thursday 11th May. Due to this, there will be no further Tai Chi classes.

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