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Reiki Distance Healing


Reiki Distance Healing knows no barriers or boundaries, since its energy is not restricted by time and distance. A person can be healed or relieved from pain,or situation by sending Universal energy from a that this technique is as effective as ‘Hands-on’ practice of Reiki.



Reiki distant healing treatment can actually be done without the recipient being present. Reiki Energy can be guided to any part of the Universe, it heals the intended person or creature This energy can also be stored just like a battery and Sent out at the time and date you have Requested,

Name of the person Address or Locality and a photo(it helps but not essential) helps to work on the whole Physical and Spiritial


Reiki distance healing Can be done by only knowing name and some other vague particulars. In this method, the Reiki energy can only work on the subtle body rather than physical body of the recipient.

Consequently, this energy works to clear the chakras and cleanse the Aura, so that the healing becomes wholesome,for a full healing


Distance healing can be used in any condition or position. It is beneficial for all, whether a person is getting treatment in the hospital or is someone who needs help for an illness, or a situation ie Exams, Court Case, Interviews etc


Uses of Reiki Distance Healing:


Using Reiki to heal and help people who live far away.


You can send Reiki energies into the future to help you through a specific period or to help you with a specific task.


You can send Reiki into your past to help you understand your past and remove any trauma in the past that is affecting you negatively in the present.


Will help with any Physical or Emotional issues that you have been struggling with


Pets or Animals respond well to this Energy


Why don’t you do something special


for a friend or child Ask Me to Send Healing to or wish them luck with Exams New Job etc?

Or for yourself.

Just give me as much information as possible, about the person ie name and rough address  ie area: a picture sometimes helps but not essential 

   All I ask for is a small Donation













londondreams: Much thanks and appreciation again Geoff! I already noticed a difference in my foot/ankle earlier today! Be blessed!


Andy Drew Hi Geoff, He is fine now and out of hospital, thank god. thanks again for your help. i will use you again for more reiki at some stage, Andy



steve rowley Morning Geoff, I really appreciate your healing. I have got a photo and will try to send it through here but not sure how to do it yet as Did you have enough information or do you need to know anything else?



greg Wasnt sure what to expect but I have to say, the next day after I ordered this Healing, I did feel much better so thumbs up!



yoichin Wow, Thank you very much! The report pretty much is what I am going through right now. Will try to follow your advice. Recommended if you need help!


londondreams I started feeling better, and then I saw you had sent out Reiki healing shortly before I noticed the transformation. I am amazed! I have not felt this good in a while. Thank you so much! You are blessed with a gift and I recommend that others contact you for your services.

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